5 reasons to enter Barista Competitions | 1. Networking

Thinking of entering a barista competition next year? Well you should, here’s five reasons why.

  1. Networking

The first and likely best reason to compete is for all the networking. Being surrounded by some of the most passionate and knowledgeable people in the industry is an opportunity too good to miss. The mixture of judges, volunteers and fellow competitors you’ll encounter will likely be some of the most talented people in your country.

Taking the time to compete and talk to all these people will no doubt increase your career prospects, even if you don’t do that well, just competing shows your committed. Most of the best roasteries and training schools will have a representative present, or at the very least be watching the results.  So if you’re looking to get out from behind the bar and progress in the industry, competing will be one of your best chances.

Aside from career aspirations its a great chance to socialise and meet people with the same passion as you have. I know personally in my day-to-day work I don’t often get to talk to people who share the same level of enthusiasm. When training and competing on the other hand I do. Meeting so many baristas from around the country allows me to  discuss the things I’m interested in more often, albeit through social media. It also means that I can now go to almost any city in the UK and have a local guide to take me round and chat with.

There’s a whole world of people out there who’d love to hang out and talk about heat in grinders or water chemistry for hours, go compete and you’ll meet them.

I’ve not being doing very well on keeping the blog posts short this month so I’m going to be cheeky and drag this out over 5 posts.


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