5 reasons to enter Barista Competitions | 3. Communication & Public Speaking

Public speaking is a valuable life-skill to develop.

Having 15 minutes of attentive silence from a large group of your peers, which you can use to explain your ideas and beliefs, is an opportunity we are rarely given in everyday life.

You will need to develop clarity in both what you say and how you say it.¹ Public speaking demands the ability to speak so that everyone can understand you.

For me, that meant dialling back my Glaswegian accent, slowing down the speed I talk and resisting my bad habit of mumbling.

Further what you say say is being listened to by eager judges taking notes, to sound knowledgeable when giving a lengthy talk you actually have to be knowledgeable on that subject and structure your speech appropriately. This requires research and planning, you’ll dig far deeper into a coffee’s origins than you ever had before to find something unique and interesting. This results in further passion for the coffee you make. If you let that passion show then you’ll be able to improve your talk whilst making it more engaging for those listening.

Being able to develop a short sound-bite of something interesting about a coffee’s origin then follow up with clear tasting notes is a great skill to bring back to your normal work, you’ll be able to engage customers more and increase your own confidence.

Public-speaking is proven to be a big self-esteem booster, you’ll feel great after giving a talk and develop skills that will improve your daily life. Do it every chance you can get.


¹Something I’ve been admittedly poor at in my blog posts so far.


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