A name change

I’m changing the name of my blog today to something more suitable.

I’ve realised the majority of posts I write are, mostly unintentionally, quite controversial and go against the grain of the common thinking. I’m happy with that though since it fosters more debate and thought for both parties. I don’t really talk about my my business directly that often and I’m already thinking of re-branding, so Back to Black | The blog is a pretty irrelevant name.

Coffee Contrarian would be a more appropriate name… sadly though it’s taken.

If I’d picked this name I would have given some quotes from Socrates to explain it – to give the false impression that I’m actually intelligent.  I was pretty pissed though as this guy already beat me to it. 

Instead I’ll quote Mark Twain, who coined my three favourite quotes of all time, and base my new name on his thinking. Why not, it’s just a name.

*Also I do realise he gets misquoted all the time on-line but let’s just go with it. 

First: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

You can probably see why I was originally gunning for Coffee Contrarian, oh well.

I always try to bear this quote in mind when I do anything. After all if you’re just doing the same thing as everyone else then what’s the point? (I mean this in terms of thinking and creating, not everyday things)

This is true for any business, especially in coffee shops where everyone seems to be copying one another and some believe the industry is stagnating and in a bubble state. You need to differentiate yourself to gain a competitive advantage, otherwise you won’t survive

Second: “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

If I’d adhered to this quote I wouldn’t have started writing this blog.

However being a self-aware fool and questioning everything you and others know is a great way to learn. People disagreeing with what I say and arguing the counter is the best way I can see to educate myself about coffee.  So I’m happy to be that fool if it means I can learn from and engage with far more knowledgeable professionals within this industry.

So that will be my new name for the blog,

The Coffee Fool.


P.S If you’re wondering what the third quote was it’s this…



This doesn’t say much about my thinking or approach to coffee but probably gives a good insight into my personality.


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