Modding Equipment | A word of warning

Very often baristas have the wonderful idea of modifying a piece of equipment, it seems so simple and would yield such wonderful results. They get so caught up in and excited by the idea that they forgot they are not an engineer, electrician or fabricator of any kind.

Unless you are already knowledgeable and handy at these sorts of things it is best avoiding taking the project on, unless it is with equipment you can afford to live without.

You certainly should not take apart your EK43 without taking sufficient wiring pictures/diagrams beforehand. Otherwise you may spend several panic stricken hours re-building and testing it to get the thing working again. This is time that could be better spent relaxing or writing that daily blog post you’ve challenged yourself to do. Not that I’m saying this is what has happened to me tonight, the fact I picked this topic and didn’t post it until close to midnight is purely coincidental…

 Seriously though don’t mess with expensive gear without professional supervision.


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