The most unholy order

“Just a coffee.”

This order is both saddening and frustrating for many coffee folk. The customer who utters this dreaded phrase clearly lacks the appreciation or understanding to think anything else of it. How it breaks our fragile little heart.

Not only are you forced to follow up by asking them to be more specific, you also gain a feeling of worry that their next answer will be equally vague.

“A white coffee.”

It can be easy to get a little annoyed with these people on a busy shift, I’ve seen many a rude remark being made in this situation in many shops. This will just put that person off coming back in again or trying anything new.

Instead see it as a personal challenge to give that person a little insight into the variety of coffee you have available in a non -patronising way.

Maybe you can change their perspective and give them their most memorable experience that day.

Being rude is easy. Stepping-up is hard. It’s worthwhile in the long run for both the customer and you.


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