Great coffee is about balance. So it is for all things in life. We must always strive to find balance in whatever we do.

For coffee it begins simple, seeking balance in how our coffee tastes. Searching for that recipe where sweetness, acidity, bitterness and flavour are in perfect harmony with one another to create the most beautiful and delicious drinks.

Expanding to a whole coffee shop, we must ensure the rest of our offering is equally good. That the food is diverse, interesting and fresh. The teas and alternative drinks we offer just as well-made and thought out as the coffee we serve. The service given to all customers is warm and inviting, we cannot just focus on the “coffee-geek” customers but seek to give everyone a great experience, however that may occur for them.

The work must be balanced among the team and each share in the success of the shop. This success eventually being passed back also to the farmers who enable the drinks to exist in the first place. By buying more and paying more for their coffee.

We me must balance the amount of coffee we drink, we cannot let our passions and work become detrimental to our health. A baristas job can be tolling on the body, long shifts are tiresome on our feet, constant coffee tasting can stain our teeth and steaming hundreds of milk jugs will dry out the skin on our hands. We have to find the right amount of work-time and treatments to correct this to stay healthy and happy.

Outside of work we should strive to find other interests, being focused will get you far but obsession will lead you to burn-out or lose perspective. We need to have focus for all aspects of our lives, not just our work.

Many interests could find their way of cycling back in to our passion for coffee, improving our enjoyment of both.

i.e. My interest in mixology and cooking has lead me to create many new interesting coffee and cascara drinks



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