The aim of our bottled brews is to infuse speciality coffee ingredients with some of the creativity and playfulness of mixology and the craft soda movement. We view them as cocktails, with caffeine taking the key role rather than alcohol. It’s a great format to make interesting original  drinks and experiment with using Cascara as a base ingredient.

We love Cascara. Not only is it as delicious and varied as the speciality coffee it’s a by-product of, it also help farmers. Selling cascara gives them an extra source of income whilst also reducing agricultural waste. That’s a win/win that makes growing high-quality coffee more sustainable for the future.

Our current offering of Bottled Brews includes:


  • Cold Bru
  • Cold Bru Ice Latte


  • Orange & Mango Cascara Soda – Tropical fruitiness, refreshinf soda and a caffiene kick
  • Orange & Basil Cascara Tonic – Like a fruity G & T
  • Cascara & Assam Sweet Iced Tea – A twist on the Southern US classic summer drink
  • Mulled Cherry Cascara – Mulled wine, with the switch of wine for cherry juice and cascara
  • Cascara Dark & Stormy – A take on the classic Rum & Ginger beer cocktail. Muscovado sugar syrup and Cascara Concentrate replaces the rum whilst ginger infused soda water replaces the beer.


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Where to buy Bottled Brews

For now the only way to buy small quantities is by coming to one of our pop-ups.

We’re not quite ready to offer wholesale yet until we have a permanent premises to up-scale production. However if you are a cafe, bar or retailer who have interest in stocking our drinks then just message us through the About & Contact form. We’ll hook you up with some wholesale prices, delivery details and some samples as soon as they are available.


Future Plans

We’re looking to expand our range quite a bit.

Our current plans are to have a monthly cascara soda which incorporates a different fruit that’s just come into season.

We also aim to create a full range of ‘Caffeine Cocktails’ that are based on classic cocktails, using espresso or cascara syrup in place of the booze. We’ll be releasing the recipes for these as they are made so that anyone can make them in the their cafe. You’ll still be able to simply order them from us if you’d prefer.

We’re working on an online shop for you to order Bottled Brews online, both for wholesale and retail customers. More details will come soon…